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Finest Earl Grey
Finest Adagio Teas
Finest Adagio Teas
Finest Adagio Teas
Finest Adagio Teas
Finest Adagio Teas
Finest Adagio Teas

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Tea Brands arrow Adagio Teas arrow 1.Adagio Tea Loose Tea 2 x 100g Tin and 1 x 36g tin

1.Adagio Tea Loose Tea 2 x 100g Tin and 1 x 36g tin

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Beautiful new gift pack of 3 luxury Adagio loose leaf teas. Each perfect for that romantic moment.1. Rooibos with rose petals, 2. Black tea with raspberry and chocolate, 3. White tea with apricots and rose petals. A really perfect gift.


Three exclusive Valentine's Day blends, packaged loose in festive floral tins, are sure to delight you. Each tin holds enough to make 25 to 30 cups of tea, ensuring your sweetheart will remain yours or at least for the rest of the winter. Comes ready to present in a gift box. Box dimensions are 23 x 10 x 8cm.

Review: "I loved this set! The tins are super adorable, I already have plans for them for when the teas are long gone. My favorite of the bunch was the rooibos blend - that one gets a great review. It is beautiful to look at with all of the blue cornflowers and rose petals, and tasted creamy and sweet. The other two are good too, but this takes the cake!"


1. Hugs and kisses
Blended with our South African rooibos and a delightful fusion of caramel, almond and vanilla it delivers the tea version of snuggle time. Red rose petals and blue cornflowers symbolize x's and o's. Vanilla, lavishly sprinkled with flower petal inclusions.blended with rooibos tea, rose petals, blue cornflowers, natural almond flavour, natural caramel flavour, natural creme flavour & natural vanilla flavour


2. Ripe for romance
Romance starts with the perfect combination of elements. The sultry flavours of raspberry and chocolate meld together with black tea in this amorous blend. Aphrodisiac? Maybe. Delicious? Absolutely! blended with black tea, cocoa nibs, raspberries, raspberry leaves, natural raspberry flavour & natural chocolate flavour

3. Sweet nothings
Sweet apricots, peach, lavender and white tea entangle themselves for a delicate fruit and floral tryst. Quietly pleasing, like softly whispered confessions of admiration that keep you wanting more.blended with white tea, marigold flowers, lavender flowers, natural peach flavour & apricots

£18.99 for 3 Tins
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