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Christmas Gifts from the INDIAN TEA COMPANY
Christmas Gifts from the INDIAN TEA COMPANY
Maxim's Chocolates Luxury Tins

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Chocolates & Bisuits: The Finest Range of Hand Made Chocolates arrow MAXIM'S DE PARIS 3 Metal Mini Egg Shaped -Tins, 3.5 inches high. ONLY 1 LEFT

MAXIM'S DE PARIS 3 Metal Mini Egg Shaped -Tins, 3.5 inches high. ONLY 1 LEFT

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Product Code : MAXIMMINIEGG1

MAXIM'S DE PARIS This beautiful Egg shaped Collection is a perfect gift and a real collectors item. Inside you will find milk, dark and white chocolate balls. This chocolate collection is sensational. 

A lovely gift-set of 3 mini-egg tins decorated in the same irresistible style with a combination of three colours: red, copper-gold and black.

Inside the lovely eggs, a brand new Maxim's chocolate Gourmandise: delicate and crunchy cereal pearls with a subtle touch of Amaretto flavour covered with black chocolate (in the black tin), milk chocolate (in the red tin) and white chocolate (in the copper-gold tin).

These miniatures are gathered in a elegant and transparent gift-pack.


Maxim's embodies the experience of an over hundred-year-old mythical brand, the tradition of a French art de vivre, and the constant search for the most appealing flavours and presentations, in order to please the most demanding gourmets.

In keeping with tradition and respect for its history, Maxim’s is proud to provide fine products lovers with a carefully selected range of chocolates, champagne and many other gourmet specialties, as treats for yourself or gifts to others.

With hundreds of items, the range of Maxim’s products gives you the possibility to join the private circle of the most expert gourmets, and access the multiple sensual delights of a brand that has always been maintaining a genuine savoir-faire in the most subtle flavours, the most delicate atmospheres and the most flamboyant parties.

So do not wait any longer: gourmet time is just a click away

£16.99 for 1 Gift Pack
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