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Tea Brands arrow Dalgety Tea: Caribbean tea with a strong unique taste arrow Dalgety Cerassie Herbal Tea Bags Caribbean 4 boxes

Dalgety Cerassie Herbal Tea Bags Caribbean 4 boxes

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Product Code : dalgety carrib

This listing is for the Purchase of 4 boxes of Dalgety Cerassie Corilla Herbal Caribbean Selection  Each box contains 24 tea bags Not individually wrapped  4 boxes: A total of 96 tea bags

Dalgety’s cerassie tea is bitter in taste. The technique used in drying the leaves are delicate and unique resulting in the preservation of nearly all the natural strength and nutrients of the cerassie plant. Some avid consumers of Dalgety’s Cerassie Tea have boasted of making two 2 cups of tea, from one 1 Dalgety cerassie teabag!

Dalgety’s refined Cerassie Herbal Tea is also referred to as bitter melon / bitter gourd and Karela in Asia, South America and the Middle East and, corilla and corailee in the caribbean. Cerassie (corilla, corailee , bitter melon, karela) comes from specially grown cerassie plants of the Caribbean.

Traditional folk lore suggest Cerassie Tea to be a good cleanser of the blood, giving a healthier, fitter, trimmer and stronger body.

£10.00 for 4 Boxes
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