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Tea Brands arrow Dalgety Tea: Caribbean tea with a strong unique taste arrow Dalgety Regae Selection Herbal Tea Caribbean 4 boxes

Dalgety Regae Selection Herbal Tea Caribbean 4 boxes

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Product Code : dalgety reggae

Dalgety Regae Selection of 24 tea bags: 3 flavours per box: Value pack consisting of mixture of three herbal tea favourites in one pack:
8 Ginger tea bags - mint
8 Lemon & Ginger tea bags
8 Peppermint tea bags

Ginger Mint TeaDalgety Ginger-mint combines Ginger with its stimulating properties and Peppermint with its digestive aiding properties to create what is called THE ZINGER!

Ingredients: Pure & Natural dried Peppermint leavesPure & Natural dried Ginger,Pure & Natural dried lemongrass, orange peelNo artificial additives or FlavoringsNaturally Caffeine free!

Taste: Ginger-mint ‘THE ZINGER’ has the effect of the Mint hitting your nostrils and Ginger hitting your chestKey benefits: Tonic - restores, invigorates, strengthens body system and organs.

Anti-bacterial - prevents and destroys growth of harmful bacteria.Calms & soothes the nerves to alleviate irritations and stress.

Dalgety’s Lemon & Ginger blend brings and authentic flavor of two rich ingredients of the earths soil together. Each ingredient compliments the other for its nutritional and medicinal qualities. Lemon for its purifying and Ginger for its stimulating properties.

Ingredients: Pure & Natural dried root ginger,Pure & Natural dried Lemon Peel, Orange Peel and Lemongrass

Taste: Dalgety’s Lemon & Ginger blend is specially formulated for lovers of a stronger ginger taste. The tea is rich in Ginger with a twinkle Lemon kick-back. The major ingredients in this tea Ginger and Lemon have been specially selected and naturally dried using family ancestral techniques practiced over 100 years, to ensure the maximum strength is obtained from the ingredients.

Peppermint Tea Dalgety’s Caribbean Peppermint is a refreshing herbal tea with a distinctive aroma and smooth tropical Peppermint flavor. Traditionally in the Caribbean, Peppermint Tea is drunk as a hot beverage after dinner to aid digestion.

Ingredients: 100% Pure & Natural dried peppermint leaves No Artificial additives or flavorings Naturally Caffeine free.

Taste: Dalgety’s peppermint is of a very rich nature, you feel the mental vapour exhaling through your nose as you consume a cup

£10.00 for 4 Boxes
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Dalgety Ginger-mint combines Ginger with its stimulating properties and Peppermint with its digestive aiding properties to create what is called THE ZINGER