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Music: Unique Music from Mark Allaway and Green Tea arrow Exclusive Inner World Music CD by Mark Allaway

Exclusive Inner World Music CD by Mark Allaway

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Product Code : MUSIC CD1


Inner World by Mark Allaway

One of the finest best selling musician has written and recorded this amazing CD.

Classical music and jazz mixed together to give you a wonderful cinematic music experience. Beautiful relaxing music exclusive to the Indian Tea Company.

57 minutes, 8 tracks of amazing saxaphone, clarinet and piano music.

Inner World is part of the Life Energy Collection "Beautifully written and hugely inspiring, an epic, classical jazz soundtrack to life". Inner World is a musical journey through beautiful sounds and relaxing thoughts. The imagery allows you to relax and de-stress. Each track has been specially composed with the main theme of soft relaxing sounds with powerful, strong emotional themes.

57 beautiful minutes of original classical music with jazz saxophone, clarinet and piano mixed in.

You have a chance to purchase this fantastic relaxation CD now.

Inner World: 1. Life Energy 6.50 Soprano sax, piano, synth 2. Indian Summer 5.50 Soprano sax, piano, bells, drums 3. Inner World 9.43 Alto sax, synth 4. River Journey 8.14 Piano, drums 5. Invisible Heart 6.31 Piano, alto sax 6. Four Seasons 6.52 Strings, flute 7. The Whirling Tunnel 6.33 Piano, strings, chimes, clarinet 8. Keep On Moving 7.14 Bass clarinet, bells, percussion

Mark Allaway is a media composer creating music for many TV programmes and films. Having written over 400 pieces of music during his career, Mark has also had a number 1 iTunes download album. Mark studied saxophone, clarinet and composition at The Guildhall School of Music and Drama London and now works from his purpose built studio composing and recording. Mixed at Copsewood Studios, Ongar, Essex, UK Relax with a cup of your favourite tea and listen to our fantastic range of Music CD's. The first of which is now available for you to buy.

Inner World Music CD has been especially commissioned by us at the Indianteacompany to create 8 beautiful tracks exclusive to us, and not available anywhere else in the world.

£5.99 for 1 CD
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